English Language Development

Mission of the English Language Development Program

The mission of the Rocklin Unified School District English Learner Program is to develop English language
listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in bilingual students as effectively and as quickly as possible.
Support is provided through English Language Development (ELD) and by providing meaningful and
understandable core instruction geared to each student’s language ability level.

Objectives of the English Language Develpment Program

The goal of our English Language Development Program at Cobblestone is for  each English learner:
  1. To learn English as efficiently and successfully as possible in a supportive and inclusive environment.
  2. To achieve or exceed the academic standards set forth for all students through access to meaningful curriculum and   instruction.
  3. To develop high self esteem and cross-cultural understanding.
  4. To become a life-long learner who has access to further educational opportunities and is able to compete in the workforce with native English speakers.