Cobblestone Library
--Welcome to the Library at Cobblestone Elementary! -- What's new: 70 new books were added to our collection in March! --

What is New?

Upcoming Library Events:  

Spring Book Fair 2019
Our Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be from May 28-31st. If you would like to help with preparations or to volunteer to work the fair, please contact Stacey Daniels at

What Does The Library Do?

What does your school library do for your student?

  • Teach research skills
  • Teach national library standards
  • Teach students how to search for and locate a resource they need
  • Teach a love of reading
  • Provide an example of fluent reading during read-alouds
  • Expose students to new ideas and concepts
  • Provide the latest books in popular series
  • Provide a calm, welcoming space where all students feel at home
What do we need?
  • Financial support - purchase books from the Book Fairs - all proceeds go towards purchasing new books for the library!
  • Volunteers - shelving books, help with Book Fair (Fall and Spring), help with preparing crafts to accompany lessons