Cobblestone Library
--Welcome to the Library at Cobblestone Elementary! -- What's new: 70 new books were added to our collection in March! --

What is New?

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Have a great summer!
Thank you for supporting our Cobblestone Library! 

What Does The Library Do?

What does your school library do for your student?

  • Teach research skills
  • Teach national library standards
  • Teach students how to search for and locate a resource they need
  • Teach a love of reading
  • Provide an example of fluent reading during read-alouds
  • Expose students to new ideas and concepts
  • Provide the latest books in popular series
  • Provide a calm, welcoming space where all students feel at home
What do we need?
  • Financial support - purchase books from the Book Fairs - all proceeds go towards purchasing new books for the library!
  • Volunteers - shelving books, help with Book Fair (Fall and Spring), help with preparing crafts to accompany lessons