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Rocklin Unified School District and Cobblestone Elementary School Are Launching Year 4 of PBIS In 2019-2020

Rocklin Unified School District and Cobblestone Elementary School Are Launching Year 4 of PBIS In 2019-2020

PBIS Gold Logo
The staff of Cobblestone Elementary School is committed to empowering and supporting students by meeting their individual needs and encouraging their full academic and social-emotional potential.
Supporting Our Students PBIS at Cobblestone Elementary School Will:
  • Define Behavior Expectations
  • Teach Behavior Expectations
  • Acknowledge Appropriate Behaviors
  • Respond to Problem Behaviors At Cobblestone,
Our Cougars: Show Respect, Make Good Decisions, and Solve Problems across campus. Our students have clear expectations for positive behaviors. These expectations will be explicitly taught and posted to ensure that our students can and will be successful.
What Does the Cougar Code Look Like At Home?
Positively recognizing children for what they are doing well should be our first priority. At Cobblestone we want to encourage examples of excellence by acknowledging our students for their greatness. At school, we will be employing the use of Cougar Coupons, tickets to recognize students for demonstrating their understanding of our Cougar Code. Developing a system to validate your children for what they do well or verbally recognizing how your child has intrinsically developed an understanding of your family’s values may fit your family’s needs. It might look different in every home; but in every home, you have the power to create a positive support system fostering positive behaviors. As we continue to work collectively to identify those students demonstrating an understanding of our school-wide principles and modeling expected behaviors, we are creating a new climate here at Cobblestone; just as you have the ability to do at home.
Suggestions for bringing PBIS into your house:
  • Post the Cougar Code on your fridge
  • Ask questions of the PBIS Leadership Team
  • Look for positive behaviors and consistently reinforce them
Questions to Ask Your Child about PBIS: As we transition to a PBIS campus, continue to ask your child the following questions:
  • What is the Cougar Code?
  • Can you explain the three principles of the Cougar Code?
  • Are you able to follow the principles of the Cougar Code?
  • What are Cougar Coupons?
More Information:
PBIS Brochure
Visit for more information about what PBIS looks like in the school setting