Cobblestone Elementary

Mrs. Sunde, Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Pabalate

Mrs. Sunde, Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Pabalate title

2019/2020 Trimester 2 
Language Arts
Other Activities
 Addition and Subtraction
 Contractions  Horton Hears a Who Story Maker
 Addition  Fill it in Contractions
 Sheppard Software Math Page
 Math Baseball
 Fill it in Uncontraction Game
 Addition and Subtraction
 Contractions Memory Game
Digital Citizenship Test
 Addition, No Regrouping
 Compound Words
 Telling Time
 Subtraction Games
 Compound Words Matching
Stop the clock (5 min.)
 Addition Numbers to 12
 General Compound Word Match
On Time (5 min.)
 Hidden Picture Subtraction
 Divide the Compound Words
 Clock Splat
 Math Lines Addition
 Mad Minute Subtraction
 Addition Quiz
 Reading  Coloring Pages
 Subtraction Quiz
 Stories with Quizzes  St. Patrick's Day Sliding Puzzle
 Thinking Blocks - Addition and Subtraction
   St. Patrick's Day Word Search
 Fruit Splat Addition
   St. Patrick's Day Fill in Puzzle
 Add with Number Lines
   Earth Day Games
 Picture Addition - Bugabaloo
 Mathman Addition
 Fruit Splat Subtraction
 Subtraction Harvest
   Thanksgiving Feast
 Subtract with Number Lines    Thanksgiving Hunt
 Monkey Drive
   Monkey Go Happy - Turkeys
 Mathman Subtraction
   Spot the Differences Game
 Target Number
 Two Digit Addition Tic Tac Toe
Synonym and Antonym Toss  
  Synonym Sam's Lab  
 Fuzz Bugs Graphing    
Fractions  Syllables  Jan Brett's Homepage
 Cross the River Fractions
 The Syllables Factory
 Jan Brett's Gingerbread House
 Fraction Concentration
 Space Station Syllables
 Jan Brett's Computer Games
 Fraction Flags
 Divide the Syllables
 Jan Brett's Christmas Tree
 Match the Fraction and Picture
 Syllables for Math Words
 David Schwartz
 Ship Shape
 Bowling for Fractions
 Robert Munsch
Space Arrays

 Jeff Kinney
Under the Sea Arrays
Pond Life Plurals  

Moby's Match  
 Place Value
Root Words  
 Place Value
Root Word Quiz
 Place Value Spin
 Place Value Game    
 Place Value Machine
 Give the Dog a Bone
 Prefixes and Suffixes  
  Prefix and Suffix Game  
 Finding Lengths with a Ruler    
 Measurement Game    
 Inches to Feet and Inches    

 Fishy Nouns
 Balloon Noun Game
  Exploring for Possessives
  Possessive Noun Play
 Money  Punctuation  
 Money with Hippie, George and Animal
 Magic Capitals
 Buy It
 Alien Punctuation
 Counting Money
 Sheppard Math - Money Games
 Puzzle Pics Money
 Odd and Even Numbers
 Ghostbusters - Operation Even
Spelling City
 Fruit Splat Odd and Even
Hang Mouse
  Word Search for Categories  
  Word Search Maker
   Verb Tense Jeopardy