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3rd Grade

Mr. Brown & MRS. HAMMOND

Mr. Brown & MRS. HAMMOND

Language Arts 
Other Activities
 Place Value
 Subject and Predicate
Activity Pages
Place Value - Soft Schools
 Rags to Riches Subect and Predicate Fact Monster
    Sheppard Software Math Page
 Rounding  Contractions Solar System
   Contraction Game Amazing Space
   Contractions Matching Game Astronomy for Kids
 IXL Math Games
  Kids Astronomy
Math Nook Math Games    
 Geometry  The Patchworker Game  
   Sentence Clubhouse  Indians
Math Plaground   Facts About Native Americans
Math-Play    Native Americans (PBS)
 Addition  Prefixes and Suffixes  Biographies
Addition Games  Prefix Matching
Fun Brain  Prefix and Suffix Game  
Math 4 Children  Suffixes Make New Words  
 Cool Math 4 Kids    
   Spelling City  
 Multiplication Reading  
 Sheppard Software
 Multiplication Tables Practice    

 Multiplication Study Guides

 Root Words  
 2 X Chart  Root Word Quiz (Entry Level)  
 3 X Chart  Root Words Matching  
 4 X Chart  Root Words Concentration  
 5 X Chart  Root Words Word Search  
 6 X Chart  Roots and Vocabulary  
 7 X Chart    
 8 X Chart    
 9 X Chart    
 10 X Chart    
 Division  Main Idea  
 Fruit Shoot Division  Get the Idea  
 Matching Division  Identify Main Idea  
 Division with Missing Numbers    
 Division Games    
 Fractions  Grammar  
 Matching Fractions  Fishy Nouns  
   Balloon Noun Game  
 Battleship Number Line  Spider Adjectives  
 Fractions on a Number Line  Robot Verbs  
 Equivalent Fractions Quiz    
 Ordering Fractions    
 Reducing Fractions    
 Fraction Bars    
 Representing Fractions (chrome or firefox)    
 Thinking Block Fractions    
   Magic Capitals  
 Money  Homophones  
 Money with Hippie, George, and Animal  Which One?  
   Pairs Word Game  
 Elapsed Time Matching    
 Elapsed Time On a Clock    
 Stop the Clock    
 On Time